If you have an animal or rescue pet that has gone through stress or anxiety from prior trauma or abuse from a previous owner, I may be able to assist your animals using my proprietary method of coaching through gentle non-evasive sound harmonics. I perform on my custom built harmonic sound instrument which that helps your animal to relax and calm down.

My coaching method has been known to:
Help an animal to trust humans again.
Help an animal to become more social with other animals.
Help an animal to become more resilient to environmental noises.
Help an animal to feel safe and release emotional trauma.
Help an animal to expedite self healing and calm nervous system.
Help an animal to release skittish, erratic emotional behavior.

Animals are amazing. They don’t have an ego that seeks to understand what something is, they just respond to natural sound harmonics and my coaching very quickly.
Please note that I do NOT call myself a sound healer, practitioner or therapist. I’m a professional Mindful Music Composer / Innovator and Empowerment Coach. My brand of live performance is called Harmonic Integration.
I have an intuitive, calm, good hearted nature that animals can usually sense and trust and I draw upon a lifetime in the field of independent frequency research and practical hands on experience to assist animals in a gentle and non-invasive way.

Most things can’t be solved by a magic one time meeting or session. True change takes time. Even animals must feel safe in order to trust humans again and because of that fact, I offer a safe harbor using my live sound coaching method to help an animal to trust again. This is especially important if you have a skittish emotional animal that you may feel unsure about in a social setting or worry about around children.

Many rescue animals may suffer from emotional scarring long after physical wounding heals. Although I am not a councilor or veterinarian and I do not support in that way, I have a natural born intuitive gift with animals that allows them to trust me to assist to mend that mistrust between humans and animals.

I have supported equestrians, farm animals and family pets with my live performance. I prefer to support Horses and Rescue Dogs.
Due to allergies, I unfortunately do not support cats.
I Also perform remote live stream sessions too due to the world health crisis.
Please keep in mind I am not a healer, therapist nor a veterinarian. I do not cure, treat, diagnose, mitigate, dispense or give medical or mental health advice. If your animal has a physical issue or ailment, you must seek a qualified veterinarian or medical health practitioner and live performance Harmonic Integration is not a substitute for therapy.

Please use the contact form to book a free connection call so I can determine if we are a good fit to work together and how I may be able to help so you get real results for your animal you are looking for.